In the last 20 years we have come a long way, from small, local, family-owned company to a global player in the feed additives industry, bringing sustainable solutions to animal nutrition industry in more than 25 countries across the globe. From the heart of South-East Europe, we have successfully combined family values and heritage with international resources, research and innovation. Nowadays, we are a proud member of the global partner's network - customers, co-operators, distributors, research experts and institutes.

Patent Co. Milestones: 1991. - 2016.

  • Patent co. company was established in 1991.
  • In 1993, Patent co. performed protection of Min-a-zel with European Patent Office. Patent co. was the first company in the region to conduct a research about mycotoxin problems on farms, engaging experts in this field.
  • In 2000, scientific approach resulted in development of a new generation adsorbent, patented and trademarked under the name of Minazel Plus.
  • In 2003, we introduced our first immune-stimulating, product, Kvimulit, and the first phytogenic product Patente Herba.
  • Cooperation with scientific institutions in the field of animal health and nutrition had contributed to a further development of the feeding concept. In 2008, production was extended to include piglet feed and other complete feed mixtures.
  • 2016.- Selling our products in more than 25 countries all over the world.