who we are


Patent co. is a global player in feed additives, focused on Mycotoxicosis and Gut Health problems. The company offers products and expert support to the global animal feed industry. Since our establishment in 1993, we have grown to become a worldwide prevention solutions provider. Nowadays, international resources - capital and knowledge - are our foundations for achieving a long-term leadership position in global markets.


Our headquarters are in the heart of South-East Europe, in three centred location, Belgrade, Mišićevo and Crvenka but our operations are worldwide.


We are committed to research and development and have a growing portfolio of products for poultry, swine and ruminants. We offer feed additives complemented by nutritional expertise and a wide range of technical services. Our products make human food safer by preventing and controlling animal disease and by reducing threats to animal health.


We brought a broader know-how to the global market through close collaboration with customers and academics, identifying new and exciting opportunities for improved feed and animal performance. By investing in our own research centre we have proved a strong determination towards scientific integrity and open collaborative relationships with customers and research partners.