May 16th 2016

Company Patent Co. and Patent IEC offer a modern concept of support to producers through research and educational centre, unique in the region, based in Serbia.

Starting 12/05/2016. this comprehensive project will enable further continuous improvement of the quality of Patent co products, exchange of knowledge and sharing experiences of modern equipment usage and management of modern farms, with the aim of achieving high productivity and cost-effective production.

For more than two decades, the company has been engaged in scientific research mainly in not controlled farm conditions experiments in commercial farms, setting experiments on commercial farms. It turned out that the only way to get reliable information about animal feed and animal feed additives is to build research facilities where experiments will be performed in controled conditions. For all above reasons we established Research and Education Center, which ensures quality of current products and development of new ones, that company places to animal nutrition market.

Through IEC company offers support to its partners in the field of modern farm management - establishing production on the farm, introducing an appropriate system of farm management, capacity calculation, consideration of the economic prospective of the farm, the establishment of biosecurity measures, preventive measures and health care, reproduction.

Special attention is given to modern technical and technological solutions, through the constant training and education of professional staff, in collaboration with leading domestic and foreign research institutions, transfer of knowledge and professional support that will be available through educational programs developed in the Research and Educational Center.

Essentially Patent IEC offers a program of constant learning, training and certain progression in accordance with well-known company values - quality, safety and professional support.