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PATENT CO. vitamin-mineral premix range

PATENT CO. manufactures a wide range of vitamin-mineral premixes for all target animal species –dairy and beef cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep and goats.

Carefully approved raw materials from all over the world are the heart of the PATENT CO. product range. Implemented BAR CODE and TRACIBILITY systems allow us to track raw material during entire production process.

Our rigorous laboratory control and quality analyses ensures that we are collaborating with top suppliers. In doing so, our focus is to provide Premium quality products for sustainable livestock productions.

Quality starts with the selection of the best suppliers. Besides, we regularly conduct on-site audits and inspect the manufacturing areas to get the higher product standards.

With this objective PATENT CO. will inaugurate a new Vitamin-Minerals manufacturing plant to keep working with the same effort and enthusiasm to maintain our leadership and continue creating value in a sustainable manner.

Our product range is rounded off by a total technical support from our technicians and nutritionists of the different target species that even prescribe customized compositions according to the challenges that our customers are facing in order to improve animal performance.

PATENT CO tailor-made vitamin-mineral premixes are also available; if you wish to receive more information, feel free to contact us.