Good pig production management and nutrition are the preconditions for farming success. Since our early beginnings, imperative for us was to create a team of swine experts within different fields of pig production, experts that serve to our end clients as reliable technical support. Our objective was also to develop a range of naturally based products as sustainable and effective solutions for current and emerging problems in this field.

The main production problems in pig industry lays in low biosecurity levels in farms, poor production management and low education level of pig producers. Fulfilling the pig requirements and protecting them from diseases through management and nutrition are key to reach the maximum genetic potential of the animals and decreasing costs of animal production.

In that line, we opened nucleus pig farm with education centre where beside theoretical knowledge we can transfer practical experience as well.


Prevention is the only solution! Mycotoxicosis is the group of diseases and disorders in animals and humans caused by toxic secondary...

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Gut health

For modern pig producer, maintaining the good gut health of pigs needs to be an imperative because it has a significant impact on pig health and...

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