Accepting the fact that poultry is the fastest growing animal production means that we as animal feed and feed additives producers need to be adaptable in all challenges that growth brings. In line with previously mentioned, PATENT CO gathered the experienced net of specialists and PhD´s in nutrition and health aspects of poultry production with aim to provide practical solutions. Furthermore, we opened our own poultry experimental farms where beside our experts, external research collaborators are aiming to provide fast but scientifically proved answers. Simply, PATENT CO. raises problems of poultry producers beyond levels of common problem solving.


Prevention is the only solution! Mycotoxicosis is the group of diseases and disorders in animals and humans caused by toxic secondary...

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Red mites

Dermanyssus gallinae is an ectoparasite of poultry and other bird species. It causes an enormous amount of damage...

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Eggs production and eggs quality

Egg quality is the most important price contributing factor in both, table and hatching eggs. In another words...

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